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It's In The Cards: Bohemian Sunrise
by Joe Student - Philly Edge - Aug 30, 2007

"Using world beats punctuated with jamband optimism and jazzy instrumentation, South Jersey-based Bohemian Sunrise creates songs of both musical and lyrical depth on its third full length CD, It's In The Cards.

While the songs certainly don't lack for length, they always retain focus, and more importantly, sincerity. The best of the lot are the Latin-laced "Something's Gotta Give", whose Santana echoes are distinct, and the melancholy "Kiss it all Goodbye" - a trippy track that tackles the inevitable process of growing up. With influences from Rusted Root to Jethro Tull, Bohemian Sunrise doesn't rely on ringing amps, pop hooks, or dopey cliches to carry out its musical message of blissful, jammy pop. Listeners are all the better for it."

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