Bohemian Sunrise - In The News

Here Comes the Sun
by Mick SKidmore - Relix Magazine - Oct/Nov 2003

"Our dedication and desire to fulfill the dream of having a career in music has unified us as a group and transformed us from a band into a family,” says Jimi Chiara, keyboardist in the six-piece jamband Bohemian Sunrise. That unity is certainly evident in their rich polyrhythmic and Latin-influenced music. The musical empathy the players have for each other is something that’s acquired over time; not surprisingly, the band’s roots go back to its members’ high school days in various towns in southern New Jersey. In the past few years, they have played every state from New York to North Carolina, sometimes opening at large venues as well as headlining club dates, sharing the stage with the likes of Rusted Root, SCI, The Recipe, Vinyl, and many more. Bohemian Sunrise has released two albums to date, the most recent being the aptly-titled Intoxicating. Drawing on an array of influences from Santana to Al Green, from Bob Marley to Steely Dan, the band puts forth some organic grooves laced with a mixture of jazz and world beat, or, as bassist Dustin Blackshear puts it, “Our many hours of material spans the musical spectrum. Our songs feature songwriter-based structure and insightful lyrics, woven with tribal psychedelic improvisational jams.” The latest disc promises much. The interspersing of tight songs and flowing improvisations is perfectly balanced. The nine-minute “JaPong” encompasses most of the band’s strengths and is a highlight of this polished 70-minute disc.

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