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It's In The Cards: Bohemian Sunrise
by Joe Student - Philly Edge - August 30, 2007
"Using world beats punctuated with jamband optimism and jazzy instrumentation, South Jersey-based Bohemian Sunrise creates songs of both musical and lyrical depth..." Read More

'Intoxicating' Voted in the Top Ten of CDs Released in 2003
by Bill Whiting - An Honest Tune
"World Beats and sinewy rhythm and blues blend together to create a parking lot masterpiece. Those with an appetite for heavy drumming combined with jazzy interludes will relish this funky creation. Sounds and melodies to fill the head and warm the soul make up the world of Intoxicating."

Bohemian Sunrise: intoxicating - self-released 2003
by Bill Whiting - An Honest Tune - Vol. 5 No. 1 Winter 2003-2004
"With intoxicating, Bohemian Sunrise has created another extension in music's historical lines of percussive-heavy jambands. Whether it's Santana or Rusted Root or Bohemian Sunrise, there will always be a place on this earth for the music of the soul to unite all under the flag of island grooves, raw power of instrumentation, and strong sharing of musical ideas. Intoxicating is just that, and it will leave you smiling all the way to the next show." Read More

Static writer goes one on one with up-and-coming band
by Robyn Weiss - Courier-Post - December 9, 2003
"World influence psychedelic music. The viewpoint of the band is that we don't really put boundaries...Percussion is a big part of our sound, so even our jazz has a world feel to it. We've gotten jazzier and more complex in our chord progressions and voicings as we go along...having six people, four of them being song writers, we always have new material to play." Read More

Bohemian Sunrise - Here Comes the Sun
by Mick Skidmore - Relix Magazine - September 13, 2003
"...unity is certainly evident in their rich polyrhythmic and Latin-influenced danceable music...The latest disc promises much. The interspersing of tight songs and flowing improvisations is perfectly balanced. The nine-minute “JaPong” encompasses most of the band’s strengths and is a highlight of this polished 70-minute disc." Read More

Bohemian Sunrise - 'Intoxication'
by Jesse Jarnow - - August 28, 2003
"Throughout the disc, reggae and Caribbean grooves filter through, though rarely with even the slightest hint of playing behind the beat. The result is a sound somewhat their own ." Read More...

Bohemian Sunrise Delivers a Heady Dose of Jam 'Intoxication'
by Bacon - - August 11, 2003
"My favorite song is easily 'Apu the Pimp'. Both the title and song are amazing. This jazzy horn driven instrumental features a full percussive sound with lots of nice composed parts and a good driving rhythm. The keys fill in nicely at the end as the sax repeats the melody." Printer-Friendly

Bohemian Sunrise is a jam band on the move
by Robert Hicks - The Express-Times - August 8, 2003
"...Bohemian Sunrise has developed into a jam band that embraces everything from jazz, funk and reggae to Afro-beat, Latin, and Cuban music." Jimi Chiara: "I'd say we've grown more eclectic...we've steered away from rock to the world music scene." 200 dpi image

Sun also rising for Phila.-based jam band
by Scott Cronick - Press of Atlantic City - August 1, 2003
"Bohemian Sunrise may be catching fire because the band taps into so many different musical genres. Heavily influenced by Latin music, Chiara defines his band's sound as "tropidelic" because of its island grooves." Read More

Local Band Pushes for Wider Audience
by Cheryl Squadrito - Courier-Post - July 17, 2003
"I think they are definitely star material, I see and hear a lot of music and I think they are going to make it," said Glass, who predicted the rise of another popular jam band, the Disco Biscuits. "They have worked very hard on their craft and they are very good to their fans." Read more - 300 dpi image

A jam band in the spirit of the Grateful Dead
by Denny Dyroff - Daily Local News - July 11, 2003
"We have a lot of influences. We listen to everything ... from rock and blues to contemporary world music. And, at the same time, we all still love rap. The main idea with a jam band is that you can play any type of's really important to us to have good songwriting too." Read more

The Vibrant Colors of Bohemian Sunrise
by A.D. Amorosi - City Paper Icepack - July 10, 2003
"...the vibrant colors of Philly’s Indre-recorded Afro-Cubano jam band, Bohemian Sunrise, are revealed on their new CD, Intoxicating..."

Bohemian Sunrise: A Band with an "Intoxicating' Sound
by Laura Tull - Gloucester County Times - July 10, 2003
"There's an energy at our shows that's not always easy to get just listening to our CD. We're definitely a live animal." Download 300 dpi

5 Stars
by Mike Brennan - Origivation - June 2003
"Fantastic construction...this seven-member ensemble weaves together intricate instrumentals and paints them with a kaleidoscopic vocal presence..." Download 300 dpi

The energy of the 60's connects full circle in 2003
by Mitch Deighan - The North Star - June 4, 2003
Review of the show with Vince Welnick, formerly of the Grateful Dead. Special guest on congas during his set: our very own Mike Cunningham! Upon embarking on his set, following BoSu, Vince said to the crowd, "Bohemian Sunrise knocks my socks off!" Download: 300 dpi - 72 dpi

As impressive of a jam band as you can get
by Hamilton Stevens - Empyre Lounge - April 15, 2002
On Bohemian Sunrise opening for Rusted Root at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA: "We caught the final minutes of Bohemian Sunrise, as impressive of a jam band as you can get. The crowd was really into these guys…"

They can definitely hit that OTHER PLACE space
by Ron "Big Woolly Mammoth" Crowell - - February 13, 2002
BoSu at The Troc: "Mhh, Mhh, Good! We were the bread and they had a whole jar of goodness for us. Bosu spread it on thick and deep, showing the crowd that they could suck the paint from your house if they decided to put their energies in that direction." Read more

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