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Bohemian Sunrise Core Members

Jimi Chiara - Keys, Organ, Accordion, Vocals Dom Clark - Drums Ed Clark - Guitar, Vocals
Heyman (Brian) Granstrom - Guitar, Vocals Jeff Granstrom - Bass, Vocals Adina Clark - Vocals, Hand Percussion

(l to r top) Jimi Chiara - Keys, Organ, Accordion, Vocals | Dom Clark - Drums | Ed Clark - Guitar, Vocals
Heyman - Guitar, Vocals | Jeff Granstrom - Bass, Vocals | Adina Clark - Vocals, Hand Percussion

Special Guests

MarkD - Didg', Percussion (Special Guest) Elliott Levin - Sax, Flute (Special Guest) Bongo Bill Phipps - Percussion (Special Guest)

MarkD - Didg', Percussion | Elliott Levin - Sax, Flute | Bongo Bill Phipps - Percussion

Their story starts in a small suburban high school in the 90ís. Three of the six full-time band members attended this same school. It wasn't until the late-90's that their common musical tastes and diverse musical backgrounds began to draw them back together as a band. Ultimately, it was their shared work-ethic and philosophy of dedication that formed the foundation for their strong bond.

Jimi Chiara began his musical career at an early age, singing in and traveling with the Philadelphia Boysí Choir. He was self-taught on the keyboard and organ in his early years with the band. Since then, he has studied under Elio Villafranca, Orlando Adad, & Brian Marsella and has progressively cultivated his own unique and captivating lyrical style, interjected with insightful quips between songs. Between shows, Jimi can be found researching new opportunities for the band and working the local and regional scenes. With only some previous experience in a hard-core band, Dom Clark was brought on to sit behind his kit and keep time. He gained knowledge and inspiration from his influences and has developed into the solid drummer he is today. In addition, Dom is the keeper of the band van, burner of cds, and wearer of tank tops in a variety of colors. Ed Clark, Domís brother and a founding member of the band, was given a guitar by his father at the age of 13. He was determined to learn how to play and until recently, was self-taught in almost every aspect of music he utilizes in his profound composition and expressive soloing. Along with his astute business sense, Ed also brings his tangy wit and humorous banter to the stage. The most recent additions to our line-up come in the form of a second set of brothers, Jeff and Heyman Granstrom. Surrounded by music, (and brothers), one would think these boys were being groomed to be in a band. The dulcet Adina DeFelice grew up in a creative household, surrounded by a community of performers. Her soulful songstress style is complemented by her medly of both sexy and adorable outfits.

On occassion, Bohemian Sunrise invites a few very special guests to join them on stage. While the core band consists of the five members highlighted above, there have been some shows featuring up to 10 performers on stage! Some of these musicians are one-time special guests, while a select few have appeared more frequently. Primarily self-taught, MarkD has been playing didg' for over eight years. He can be described as a musical alchemist experimenting with the old and the new, the primitive and the modern, the primal and the technological. His other-world sound carries the intention to share positivity, love, and enlightening lyrics in conjunction with experimental, forward thinking, envelope pushing beats, sounds, and music with the masses. Elliott Levin, a legendary performer, has been gigging in the NYC/Philly area for over 30 years. His recording credits include well over 10 albums, and he has toured around the US and the World with Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, among others. Along with learning/preserving/disseminating folkloric music, Bongo Bill Phipps combines traditional rhythms, and creates fusion forms without compromising the integrity of the original. Through private instruction and the A.M.L.A. school of music, Bill focuses on Latin forms along with Brazilian.

In addition to the core and fringe on-stage performers, there are two additional members of the Bohemian Sunrise crew. Maria Pinardo, longtime supporter and advocate, handles many non-musical aspects of a touring band. The other half of this backing team is Michael Soden, a soundguy whose supernatural powers allow him to set-up and break down a full PA in record time. When not using his own equipment, "Soundman Mike" has the ability to make any poorly configured PA sound amazing, thanks to his xray vision into buzzing speakers, defective mixing boards, and faulty amps.

A band needs more than just good-looking and telented musicians to survive. Dedication, teamwork, creativity, professionalism, a sense of humor, family, friends, fans, and a bit of good luck are all elements that continue to be an essential part of our journey. Our appreciation is infinite.

Private lessons are available with:
Jimi Chiara (keys, vocals), Dom Clark (drums), and Ed Clark (guitar, bass)
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"Our dedication and desire to fulfill the dream of having a career in music
has unified us as a group and transformed us from a band into a family."

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