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 Bohemian Sunrise was formed by a close-knit group of friends with the common goal of simply making the best music they could. Based in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region, Bohemian Sunrise takes their raw, rhythmic sound to unprecedented levels through their creative instrumentation, insightful songwriting, and genre-transcending arrangements. Building their success through hard work and consistently winning over audiences at prime shows throughout their career, Bohemian Sunrise has earned the honor of sharing the stage with Rusted Root at Philadelphia's famous Electric Factory, and playing at The Tweeter Center on the Waterfront in Camden, NJ with the remaining members of The Grateful Dead and Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers, in addition to joining The Steve Miller Band at DE’s Frawley Stadium. Bohemian Sunrise has also gained a following in the clubs opening for headliners including Vince Welnick (The Grateful Dead and The Tubes), The String Cheese Incident, The Recipe, Jazz Mandolin Project, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Deep Banana Blackout, Peter Prince & Moon Boot Lover, The Bomb Squad, and Vinyl at venues including the Theater of Living Arts (TLA) and the Trocadero in Philadelphia, NJ’s famous Stone Pony and Conduit, MD's Funk Box/8x10 Club and Recher Theater, and the legendary Stone Balloon in Delaware. Their upcoming tour will include a mix of new venues as well as return stops at NC’s Blind Tiger, Dragonfly Theatre, and Smokey Joe’s, in addition to NY’s Cyber Café West, various festivals, and more!

 Bohemian Sunrise diversifies their schedule by combining opening for national acts with headlining venues like World Cafe Downstairs Live, North Star Bar, Union Transfer, and The Stanhope House. To bring in the New Year, they sold out their New Year's SleepOver Shindig, one in a series of successful self-produced shows. Merchandising is also an integral part of this band’s business; their list of almost twenty items includes tops, stickers, and incense. In addition, the band offers many of their live recordings free at shows and with on-line purchases, as well as a video for the fan favorite, Kiss it All Goodbye.

 Bohemian Sunrise has consistently proven their ability and broadened their elemental sound, to appeal to both long-standing and new fans. Unswerving dedication, effective networking, relevant opportunities, and comprehensive experience have helped to cultivate Bohemian Sunrise into the professional, talented force they have worked hard to become.

Bohemian Sunrise Discography

 Bohemian Sunrise has independently released three full-length albums: 'Soulstice', 'intoxicating', and 'It's in the Cards'. They are currently in the studio, working on their fourth album, entitled 'Won't Be Long', which will feature crowd favorites such as Apple, Tryin, What it Is, Shine On, Sideways, Won't Be Long, Livin for Love, Stronger and more.

 Their sophomore album, 'intoxicating', features tracks recorded live to over 200 fans at Indre Studios. An Honest Tune voted ‘intoxicating’ a Top Ten CD, saying, “World Beats and sinewy rhythm and blues blend together to create a parking lot masterpiece.” Their third album, "It's in the Cards" (mixed by Kevin Joella at Fresh Tracks Studios and mastered by Masterwork Recording), was officially released with a large celebration, downstairs at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. The elegantly crafted ten-track disc illuminates Bohemian Sunrise’s captivating blend of four distinct songwriting talents in an appealing array of cultural styles. Insightful lyrics and permeating melodies lead the listener on a journey that mirrors the collective human experience.

 This is apparent right from the outset with their opening track, Drawing Down the Sun, which evokes African-influenced pop akin to Paul Simon. This blissful, upbeat song carries with it the optimism and freedom of a newly-born baby. Move through life a few years, past those formative times toward the formidable era of our late teens and into young adulthood, and we arrive at track number three. Jimi Chiara had the spirit of a Pink Floyd 70’s-style rock ballad in mind when writing Kiss it All Goodbye, (for which the band has produced a video). A wistful, drifting lullaby of sorts, bookended by a melancholy accordion line, Kiss it All Goodbye is about letting go of the innocence and simplicity of childhood and the difficulty of staying buoyant through the pitfalls of the adult reality. Next, Dustin Blackshear adds Wave of Funk to the mix, a hip-swayin’ tune that outlines the trials experienced with self-realization. As we advance through life, we may find love, and songs like Piece of My Soul speak to us on a deeper level. We begin to look for purpose in life, as did songsmith Ed Clark in Picket Fences, weighing our own desires with that of societal and familial expectations. At this point in the journey, companionship comes to the forefront. Something’s Gotta Give conjures the lusty sound of Cuba’s sexy Guajira style (think: Santana) to express that basic human longing for passion that we all share. And, with a sultry Brazilian Bossa Nova flavor, Blackshear’s Too Easy questions whether love can truly endure. Through the soul-searching of our fans and ourselves, we have found the tracks on this album speak to matters of the heart, we hope it speaks to yours, as well.

 In both an intensive studio setting, as well as during their exhilarating live shows, Bohemian Sunrise adeptly marries the energy and power of world-influenced psychedelic rock with the exceptional craftsmanship of finely-structured listener-friendly songwriting, complete with catchy hooks and melodies that keep you sailing through your day. It’s just good music - period.

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